Dive into the heart of any community with GoLocal, your innovative app for discovering great local businesses and deals. Whether you’re exploring your own city or wandering through unknown streets while traveling, GoLocal brings the best of local life to your fingertips. Utilize your phone’s GPS to find everything from essential services like handymen and dog walkers to indulgences like fine dining and unique local tours. Plus, with exclusive access to local events and offers, GoLocal ensures you’re always in the know, making every location feel like home.

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GoLocal is more than just an app; it's your personal guide to discovering and enjoying the best local businesses and experiences around you. By leveraging the power of your smartphone's GPS, GoLocal seamlessly connects you with a vast array of services and attractions in any area, making it easier than ever to support local businesses and immerse yourself in the local culture. Whether you're a resident looking to explore hidden gems in your city or a traveler seeking authentic experiences, GoLocal empowers you to live like a local, wherever you are.

Empowering Exploration and Supporting Local Economies

GoLocal is dedicated to not only enhancing your discovery of local businesses and events but also to bolstering local economies by promoting small and independent businesses. With a few taps, you can access a world of local craftsmanship, cuisine, and services, ensuring that your choices contribute positively to the communities you visit. From securing the best local deals to attending the most exciting events, GoLocal is your go-to source for everything local.

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Our Role

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Project Goals


Bridging the Gap Between Consumers and Local Businesses

Our mission with GoLocal is to eliminate the distance between consumers and local businesses, making it simple and enjoyable to discover and support a wide range of local enterprises.


Promoting Local Economies and Sustainability

By prioritizing local businesses and deals, GoLocal encourages users to contribute to the sustainability and growth of local economies, fostering a sense of community and mutual support.

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Enhancing Local Discovery and Engagement

We aim to transform the way people explore their surroundings, providing a comprehensive platform that not only guides them to the best local services and experiences but also introduces them to local culture and events.


Providing a Personalized Local Experience

GoLocal is designed to offer a tailored exploration experience, adapting to your location and preferences to suggest the most relevant businesses, deals, and events, ensuring you feel like a local, anywhere you go.


GoLocal is about breaking down the barriers that keep people from discovering and engaging with the local businesses and cultures that make each community unique. By providing a simple, intuitive platform for exploration and discovery, we're not just helping users find what they need; we're helping them become a part of the local fabric, enriching their experiences and the communities they visit.

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