Welcome to Mcookie, the ultimate app for modern families blending task management, rewards, and shopping into one seamless experience! With Mcookie, assigning tasks to kids becomes a game they love to play, complete with rewards in the form of cookies. Dive into a shopping experience that lets you and your kids choose rewards together, making everyday achievements fun and rewarding. Mcookie is where every task completed is a step towards joy and learning.

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Mcookie revolutionizes the traditional concepts of chores and tasks by making them engaging for kids and stress-free for parents. Our platform allows for the easy assignment of tasks, tracking of completion, and rewarding of efforts with cookies - a virtual currency that can be used for shopping within the app. This innovative approach not only motivates children but also teaches them the value of hard work and responsibility.

Enhancing Family Dynamics with Fun and Learning

Mcookie is designed to make the management of household tasks a breeze for parents while turning it into a fun and rewarding experience for kids. We understand the challenge of keeping children motivated and engaged, which is why our app offers an interactive and enjoyable way to complete tasks and earn rewards. Through Mcookie, we provide a tool that strengthens the bond between parents and children by working together towards common goals.

Our Role

Our Role

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Project Goals


Enhancing Task Engagement and Completion

Mcookie started with the goal of making daily tasks more appealing to kids, fostering a sense of achievement and responsibility. By gamifying the task completion process, we aim to transform chores into challenges that kids are excited to undertake.


Introducing a Reward-Based Shopping Experience

Mcookie integrates a unique shopping feature, allowing kids to use their earned cookies to shop for rewards within the app. This adds an extra layer of motivation, linking task completion to tangible rewards that children can choose themselves.

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Streamlining Task Management for Parents

Our app simplifies task management for parents, offering a user-friendly platform to assign chores, track progress, and reward completion. This not only saves time but also encourages positive behavior in children, making daily routines smoother and more enjoyable.


Launching a Comprehensive Family Engagement Platform

Our dedicated team has meticulously developed Mcookie to ensure a seamless experience for families. Through rigorous testing and user feedback, we've created an app that not only meets the needs of task management but also enhances the shopping and reward experience for families.


Our vision with Mcookie was to create a tool that not only simplifies task management for parents but also turns it into a fun, rewarding process for kids. We're proud to have developed an app that encourages responsibility, fosters family cooperation, and makes everyday tasks a little more enjoyable for everyone involved.

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