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Introducing My Meeting Card, your digital solution to meeting attendance verification. This innovative app replaces traditional paper cards, offering a secure and accurate way to track participation in meetings critical to rehabilitation, parole/probation, and outpatient programs. Utilize live check-in, GPS location, and attendance duration features to bring accountability and convenience into meeting verification processes, all from your smartphone. My Meeting Card is transforming verification nationwide, making it easier for organizations to manage and confirm attendance effectively.

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My Meeting Card is designed to modernize and simplify the verification of meeting attendance with cutting-edge technology. By replacing paper cards, our app provides a reliable and efficient digital platform for organizations like rehabilitation homes, parole/probation departments, and outpatient programs to verify attendance accurately. With My Meeting Card, users can check in to meetings live, confirm their location via GPS, and even track how long they attend, ensuring a high level of accountability and transparency for all parties involved.

Revolutionizing Attendance Verification for Support Programs

Recognizing the need for a more reliable and convenient method of meeting verification, My Meeting Card offers a comprehensive solution that caters to the modern needs of support and accountability programs. Our app not only enhances the accuracy of attendance tracking but also supports the administrative processes of various organizations, facilitating better management and oversight of meeting participation.

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Project Goals


Digitalizing Meeting Verification

The primary goal of My Meeting Card is to eliminate the reliance on outdated paper verification methods by introducing a fully digital solution that offers live check-in, GPS-based location verification, and detailed attendance tracking.


Enhancing Administrative Efficiency

By streamlining the verification process, My Meeting Card helps organizations save time and resources in managing attendance records, reducing paperwork, and minimizing the potential for fraud or discrepancies in meeting verification.

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Supporting Rehabilitation and Accountability Programs

We aim to provide a tool that significantly aids rehabilitation homes, parole/probation departments, and outpatient programs in verifying meeting attendance accurately and efficiently, thereby supporting the rehabilitation and accountability process.


Nationwide Implementation and Adoption

Our dedicated team has worked tirelessly to ensure that My Meeting Card is accessible and functional across the country, supporting a wide range of programs and departments in their efforts to modernize attendance verification.


Transitioning from paper to digital with My Meeting Card represents a significant leap forward in meeting verification technology. Our app ensures that every check-in is accounted for with precision, providing peace of mind to organizations and participants alike. By embracing this technology, we're not just changing how attendance is tracked; we're enhancing the integrity of rehabilitation and support programs nationwide.

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