Welcome to Banoun, the one-stop mobile destination where little dreams find big wonders! Our app is a vibrant playground of the latest and loveliest in children's fashion, toys, and essentials. Designed for busy parents and excited kids, Banoun brings a world of childhood enchantment right to your fingertips. Discover joy in every tap with Banoun – where little delights make for big smiles!

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Banoun transforms the shopping experience for parents and children by offering an intuitive in-app journey through our diverse collection of kids' essentials, from trendy outfits to educational toys. Our platform provides a seamless and engaging way for families to explore and purchase the perfect products for their little ones.

Streamlining the Adventure of Childhood Shopping

For a destination dedicated to children's needs like Banoun, making shopping fun yet efficient for both parents and kids is our top priority. It can be challenging to cater to the unique preferences of each child while ensuring parents have all the information on product availability, current deals, and promotions. Banoun's app is designed to address these needs by offering real-time inventory updates and personalized recommendations, while also serving as a valuable touchpoint for collecting insights on shopping preferences, which are essential for tailoring our marketing outreach and promotions.

Our Role

Our Role

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Project Goals


Mapping the Family Shopping Experience

At Banoun, we initiated our journey with an in-depth analysis of the family shopping experience, pinpointing challenges faced by parents and children in physical retail spaces. This crucial insight became the foundation for our app's feature set, designed to streamline the shopping process and make it more enjoyable for our little customers and their families.


Personalized Customer Engagement

Understanding the value of personalized interaction, we integrated a system within the Banoun app that seamlessly collects parental preferences and children's interests. This feature not only enhances the user experience but also equips us with valuable data to refine our marketing strategies and product offerings.

IKEA Mobile App Interface

Crafting a Tailored Shopping App

Embracing an agile development methodology, our diverse team of creatives and tech experts collaborated to forge the Banoun app. This digital haven aims to be the primary touchpoint for our customers, offering a friendly and interactive shopping experience right from their smartphones.


Launching Banoun's Digital Platform

Our dedicated deployment team meticulously rolled out the Banoun app, ensuring a smooth and uniform experience across various devices. Despite working remotely, our rigorous testing protocols guaranteed that the app operates flawlessly, providing a stress-free shopping journey for every family that chooses Banoun.


Our agile team rapidly developed Banoun's comprehensive shopping app, overcoming challenges with creative solutions to meet our ambitious timelines. We take immense pride in being an integral part of the shopping journey for countless families and contributing to Banoun's vision of redefining the retail experience in the children's market.

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