Privacy Policy

Mobilions is a leading IT Services provider with an incredible market understanding. We extensively sell unique products and services to customers. The company owns (number) of services. We also have unique assets that we have created over a while. This includes blogs, surveys, articles, emailers and social media posts.

Our assets belong to the company. People visiting the website must follow terms of use and other legal approaches to incorporate or use the asset to their benefit.

As part of our services, we collect data from the customers. It helps personalize the solutions. The data we collect includes:

  • Geolocation: As your location services are turned on, we get the data directly from the phone
  • Email: To ensure smooth communication and offer you all the services in real-time, we seek your email
  • Name: We collect your name for better personalization efforts
  • Phone Number: In case of conversion and beyond, we collect the customer’s phone number

How do we use the data?

We strictly use the data for purposes suited to the business. We will use the email to personalize offers or send relevant messages. Your phone number is strictly personal and kept hidden from the website. It is only for communication purposes.

We do not share your contact details with any vendors. Our privacy policy ensures that your data is hidden and safe with us. Once shared, it will only be used for our in-house purposes.

What does the privacy policy cover?

We showcase how we will use the data in our privacy policy. This policy will also cover details of work and data that our team will not access. If someone asks you for data beyond the ones mentioned in the privacy policy, you can avoid sharing it.