Welcome to Recu, your go-to mobile destination for discovering and acquiring unique fashion pieces. Our app offers a dynamic platform for buying new and pre-loved fashion, making it easy for fashion lovers to find their next wardrobe essential or a treasured piece. Experience the thrill of the hunt with Recu – where style revives and thrives!

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Recu revolutionizes the way you buy and sell fashion by providing an intuitive in-app journey through an extensive collection of apparel and accessories. Our platform ensures a seamless and engaging way for fashion enthusiasts to explore and transact, facilitating the perfect exchange for every style need.

Streamlining the Fashion Trading Experience

Navigating the diverse needs of fashion buyers and sellers, Recu is dedicated to making the fashion trading process as smooth and enjoyable as possible. We understand the unique tastes and preferences of our community and strive to provide a responsive app experience that offers real-time updates on product availability, trending items, and exclusive deals.

Our Role

Our Role

  • 1Development
  • 2Deployment

Project Goals


Mapping the Fashion Trading Experience

At Recu, we began by analyzing the shopping behaviors and preferences of our users, laying a solid foundation for our app's features designed to enhance the buying and selling experience.


Crafting a Tailored Fashion Marketplace

Using an agile development approach, our team of developers, designers, and fashion experts collaborated to create the Recu app—a digital marketplace that stands as the primary interface for our fashion community.

IKEA Mobile App Interface

Personalized User Engagement

We built a system within the Recu app that adeptly gathers user preferences and behavior data. This functionality not only improves the user experience but also provides us with insights crucial for refining our marketing strategies and inventory selection.


Launching Recu's Digital Marketplace

Our deployment team carefully executed the launch of the Recu app, ensuring a consistent and reliable experience across various platforms and devices. Despite remote operations, our thorough testing protocols assured that the app performed seamlessly, offering a hassle-free trading journey for all our users.


Our agile team swiftly developed Recu's comprehensive fashion trading app, overcoming challenges with innovative solutions to meet our ambitious goals. We are proud to play a pivotal role in the shopping journeys of countless fashion enthusiasts, contributing significantly to the evolution of the sustainable fashion marketplace.

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